About GjeldsMonitor

GjeldsMonitor is a FinTech company with long experience in the finance industry. Our consultants have long worked with customers who have similar problems and needs when it comes to debt, loans, and credit cards. This resulted in the web application GjeldsMonitor, whose goal is to simplify financial language and provide valuable information to borrowers to make good financial decisions.

Our strength is a diversity of competent specialists in their fields.

About GjeldsMonitor

Knowledge of IT technology, design and databases.

Knowledge of finance and banking.

Countless hours spent talking with borrowers and learning about their problems.

This gives us both the expertise that is needed and a unique understanding of borrowers in Norway and their needs. And we solve various issues efficiently, and with full understanding as each team member's specialized knowledge supports the others.

This way since our start, we have effectively worked to help borrowers gain better control of their loans, so that they are paid down faster and under more favorable conditions

Our vision

Development of a user-friendly debt management system in Norway, and supporting a community of conscious borrowers.

GjeldsMonitor is an application that we launched in 2021.

The purpose of GjeldsMonitor app is to provide those who repay loans in Norway with a tool for much better management of their debt. To pay off debt faster, with better terms and conditions, and to give borrowers the control and opportunities that exist - right in their hands.

For example, we have observed over time that many are unaware of opportunities such as seeking refinancing to improve the terms of their repayment plan. Together with other observations this led us to see a need for better debt management, which motivated us to find a better solution.

We looked for a solution to the problem that would provide a full overview of debt and credit cards, which, together with tips from credit assistants, could increase awareness of loans and also help the user save monthly.

Furthermore, we will also use input from users and the best information to create the best and most comprehensive information on debt. To create the functionality in the app, we therefore retrieve information from Gjeldsregisteret.

And, of course, we listen to user feedback and needs and find new solutions as a result. An example of this is how we expanded the functionality of the app by offering an overview of debt history as a response to interest rate increases in Norway. This allows the user to easily compare their installment history over time.

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