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Creditworthiness assessment - NEW!

  • Your credit rating taken into account by financial institutions
  • Tax returns from previous years
  • Significant notes on payments and unpaid arrears

Get your financial score from the Dun & Bradstreet (formerly Bisnode) credit rating system and see what information about your financial situation is analysed by the bank when verifying your loan application. Review your tax returns from previous years and get to know all the important notes about payments recorded in the system.

>Check your creditworthiness<

Clear and full control over your debt with the help of:

  • All loans and credit cards gathered in one place
  • Clear presentation of remaining amount, installments, interest rate, and more
  • An intuitive and safe web application.

The application is a solution for recurring needs and problems that have arisen in the industry, and for our customers. We have developed the application based on many user tests and experience, with the goal of simplifying debt and loan management, while also helping borrowers save.

>Monitor your debt<

Compare and evaluate your installments:

  • Your installments compared to those of other borrowers
  • Useful assessment of your loan terms
  • View your debt history over time

GjeldsMonitor gives you the foundation for the best decisions. You get full insight and customized recommendations. All in one place, with an easy and intuitive app.

>Gain control with customized solutions<

Customized plan to reduce debt:

  • Clear overview of the amount you pay and where you have opportunities to save
  • An optimized action plan, step by step
  • Useful tool to discover better interest rates and become debt-free

GjeldsMonitor gives you the tools to manage your own debt, whether alone or with our experts. You will easily find personal and effective solutions, see where you can save money and develop a long-term action plan.

>Overview, advice, and control<

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Our vision

Development of a user-friendly debt management system in Norway, and supporting a community of conscious borrowers.

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A bit of statistics

+10 000

have logged into GjeldsMonitor

+600 mln kr

loan amount that our customers have together

+189 mln kr

loan amount on credit cards that our customers have together

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Is GjeldsMonitor free of charge?

The GjeldsMonitor application is completely free. To use the application, you do not need to purchase a subscription, or connect to your credit card.

What is Gjeldsregisteret?

Gjeldsregisteret collects information on how much debt (i.e. how many loans and their total amount in NOK) is owned by a single consumer in Norway. All information is collected from banks and financial institutions that are licensed to conduct financial business and is updated regularly.

Legally, Gjeldsregisteret AS has been granted permission by the Ministry of Children and Families to operate as a debt information company, under the authority of the law of June 16, 2017, No. 47 on debt information in the credit assessment of individuals (Gjeldsinformasjonsloven) § 3.

Are my data safe?

Your data is completely safe. Access to them is encrypted, and fully protected against falling into the wrong hands. In addition, we do not transfer your data to any third parties. Remember that you can also delete your data from the application at any time.

Where do the data presented in GjeldsMonitor come from?

The data comes from Gjeldsregisteret, with which we collaborate. Thanks to this collaboration, we can present correct information about your debt in Norway. - Of course in an encrypted and completely secure way.

What is loan refinancing?

Refinancing is making changes to the debt that you have. This is often done in the form of consolidation, that is, merging several loan obligations into one. - In other words, consolidating multiple loans and credit card debt into one single loan that you can pay down on better terms, and also extend or shorten the loan term.

Where do the loan optimization advice come from?

The tips on your account are the result of many years of cooperation with various financial institutions and services to several thousand customers. By combining our knowledge of finance, customer inquiries we have helped with, and smart use of technology, we can give you the most important advice.

How do I log in to GjeldsMonitor?

You can only log in to GjeldsMonitor with your BankID as we get the information from Gjeldsregisteret. Note that you also have to enter basic data, such as telephone number and email. This is necessary for the application to work.

How often can I log in to GjeldsMonitor?

The recommended login frequency depends on the number of debt records. However, keep in mind that the data in Gjeldsregisteret is updated once a day. We recommend logging in to the application no more than once a day and no less than once every 2 weeks.